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Don’t Struggle Alone.

So often, we receive messages from social groups, families, histories, media, and cultural norms that tell us to hide our pains and give the world only our best selves. This pressure to always be “on” leaves a lot of people—including myself—navigating this world in silence about the struggles we face. For some, it may be a hidden sickness. For others, it may be a financial challenge. And for more, it may simply be struggles with insecurity, confidence, inadequacy, or even mental health.

Confidence for Consistency

#stickynotetoself 587 “Confidence is a force for consistency.”

When we think about the people who have achieved mastery in their fields, it has often come by building habits of consistent practice, engagement, or production. Often when we are inconsistent with our goals, there might be a lot of reasons at play, but so often for me, those reasons are connected with the level of confidence I feel in relationship to that goal. In this latest Sticky Note to Self video, I talk through some of these effects.

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Define What You Need | Sticky Note to Self

Often times, it can hard—and maybe even awkward—to ask for help in achieving passions and making ideas happen. Pride, fear of rejection, and ego can easily get in the way, while a lack of specificity can hinder us from knowing what to seek. In this new Sticky Note to Self reflection video, I share thoughts and insight behind a recent note that challenges me and others to “Define what you need.” 

What are the things in your life that you’re seeking to fulfill? What do you need in order to manifest it? Watch this week’s video reflection, and share your own in the comments.

Get The Print

This month, you can also get this print and the Resist print by attending the Lot 49 Art Auction by The Luminary in St. Louis.

“Lot 49 is an annual art auction initiated and shaped by artists as an annual fundraiser for The Luminary and a direct means of support for artists in the region and beyond. The interactive auction features acclaimed artists nominated by their peers, with participating artists receiving 51% of all proceeds and the remaining 49% going to support our ambitious programs – hence the name, Lot 49.”

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Video: “Creative Unrest” in Designing from the Margins by Jessica Bellamy

Designer, Jessica Bellamy, started a YouTube and Instagram series titled “Designing from the Margins” to engage elements of black identity through design.

In this episode of “The Black Aesthetic Vol 1,” Jessica assesses#CreativeUnrest and includes a clip of De Andrea Nichols discussing this subject during a 2014 Creative Unrest conversation series she organized amongst artists during the uprising in Ferguson, MO.



Podcast Feature | Who Raised You? Ep. 03: “Don’t Touch My Hair”

Who Raised You? Podcast is a kitchen table conversation between Karen (Jia Lian) Yang and Treasure Shields Redmond that explores how culture, family, and intersecting identities pave the way toward liberation. In this episode, they talk with De Nichols about hair and how appearance intersects with professionalism and activism. 

3 Ways to Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick

Happy new year! In this video, I show you three ways to set your 2018 new years resolutions and give tips that will help you follow through with them this year. Watch it on both YouTube and Facebook.

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Method 01: Make a Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling is the modern method to take notes, make lists, and log memories and reflections in a more creative and analog way. With templates and tutorials all across the internet, you can easily use it to visualize and articulate life plans or even track milestones as you make them happen.

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Method 02: Use my worksheet as template to macro visioning.

To practice tiered approach to goal-setting that I share in the video, you can download a copy of my 2018 New Years Intentions worksheet to help you think through goals you have across different categories of your life. This sheet will also challenge you to list action steps, set deadlines and frequencies, and articulate a manifesto for making your goals happen.

Method 03: Hack Your Productivity App and Calendar

If you are a lover of project management apps like Basecamp, Trello, and others, you can also hack these tools to set achievable goals for the year as well as sync it to your calendar for added accountability. In this video, I show you how to do it using Asana and Google Calendar.

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Giving My Second TEDx Talk

This Friday, I will be giving my second TEDx Talk, and this time, it’s home in St. Louis, MO.

This talk is important to me, as I will be discussing the power of art as activism and how it has manifested for me over the last few years. This will be my first time giving a full talk in St. Louis to honor the catalyzing moments and people that led the creation of the Mirror Casket project and how rising in the midst of injustice allowed my team and I to add to the visual narrative of civil rights.

Experience the Ripple Effect of local thought-leaders sharing their one great idea, the drop of water that cultivates a wave of change and transformation.

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Friday: TEDxGatewayArch Presents Ripple Effect

We believe every individual has the ability to change the world, and it can start with just one idea. Experience the Ripple Effect of local thought-leaders sharing their one great idea, the drop of water that cultivates a wave of change and transformation. TEDx events provide intentional, cross-pollinated networking opportunities that spark new perspectives and build connections – sending ripple effects of possibility throughout the St. Louis region.

All 14 speakers and entertainers bring different thought-provoking perspectives and diverse backgrounds to the conference. Each presenter has an intrinsic connection to St. Louis, helping accelerate the city as a hub of innovation & ideas. The event includes entertainment and networking opportunities, dubbed “the smartest happy hour in St. Louis”, as well as interactive exhibitors from local tech, design, and community-building organizations.








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