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Taking on the VEDA Challenge

As social influencers, building a YouTube channel is of course one of the best methods to expand your reach, build your platform, and deepen the impact of your work.

This month, learn, connect, and take adventures with me DAILY as I take on #VEDA2018—the Vlog Everyday in April challenge.

VEDA is one of the many month-long challenges on YouTube, and I will use it to share the ins and outs of my life as a social practice designer, entrepreneur, and well, human. I’ll dive deep into the challenges, the inspirational moments, a lot of travel/journeys, and more.

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Some of the great insights I was able to capture at Blavity’s EmpowerHer conference. Inspired by all the women who shared time and space while there.

Some highlights:

Fireside chat with Zim (TravelNoire)

Zim on time management: “Distractions are the enemies of progress.”

  • Here are some shared tips on how to live a distraction-free lifestyle:
    • Check email in the afternoon, not the morning. Preserve your morning energy doing things that fuel you and not drain you.
    • Master your iPhone’s “Do Not Disturb” setting during core work hours and time span when you seek to focus.
    • Use the Google Chrome plug-in, FB Purity, to clean distractive posts from your newsfeed.
    • Measure time in pomodoros.
    • Use a project management app to help keep you on task.
      My recommendations: Basecamp, Asana, or Dapulse

Zim on teambuilding: “The key to keeping really great people is by being a really great person.”

  • Here are some teambuilding tips suggested by Zim:
    • Set 10 “culture values” for your company, and recruit by those, not just skills and “fit.”
    • Adopt an “everything is figure-out-able” group mentality.
    • Be a doer/executor. If that’s not you (aka if you’re like me, and you are great at ideas), recruit doers to balance the idea mavens, researchers, and strategists.
    • Use Slack for team communications to keep conversations out of your inbox.
    • Build a positive family and supportive tribe for your team members.
    • Take significant time off to keep your energy in balance for smart, productive work.

DE/tour Mailer 01

Did you know that I’m on a “tour” right now? 

Me neither, but I’ve entered a deep wave of public speaking and travel that lasts now through July, and one of my mentors, Roseann Weiss, proclaimed it as the “The DE(TOUR)” (get it?). She’s pretty wise, so I ran with it.

On this detour from life in St. Louis, I am making stops through Baltimore, Chicago, DC, San Francisco, New Orleans, Houston, and more to engage with creative changemakers across the nation and make magic happen, and now you can come along with me to capture some of the moments through my YouTube vlog channel and Instagram Stories.

Learn more about it at, and
check out moments from the first city (Baltimore!) below:

The Day I Talked about Sticky Notes and Mental Health in Baltimore | DETOUR
The Day We Used Sticky Notes to Talk about Mental Health
I was welcomed back to speak at the Maryland Institute College of Art, and I chose to share about how activism has affected my mental health as a creator.Watch moments from
Designing Civil Rights.
The Day I Got Lost in Baltimore | DETOUR
The Day I Got Lost and Found a Mural Haven
When I travel, I love moments when I get the chance to explore space, culture, and creativity within a city.Check out some of the graffiti
and art murals I stumble upon
in Baltimore

And Over on My Main Channel…

I’m making (semi)weekly videos that take you through the inspiration, stories, and reflections around some of the most popular notes from my project, Sticky Note to Self. Watch the latest video, “See It, Seize It,” and be sure to subscribe for all the upcoming videos, posted on Sundays.

Join Me throughout October for #Vlogtober Adventures!

Hey guys!

Throughout the month of October, I will be taking up the 2016 #Vlogtober challenge. Vlogtober is a commitment that YouTubers and vloggers take to post a vlog (video blog) throughout the month.

With the amount of fun that I had last December for the Vlogmas 2015, I thought I would try this one out in tandem with Socktober and all the traveling and adventures I have coming up. In this series, you’ll be able to catch behind-the-scenes moments of cool projects I’m working on, adventures I take (to Portland, Memphis, DC, and New York), and inside scoops to my daily life.

Check it all out via the video above, or watch it on YouTube.