Some of the great insights I was able to capture at Blavity’s EmpowerHer conference. Inspired by all the women who shared time and space while there.

Some highlights:

Fireside chat with Zim (TravelNoire)

Zim on time management: “Distractions are the enemies of progress.”

  • Here are some shared tips on how to live a distraction-free lifestyle:
    • Check email in the afternoon, not the morning. Preserve your morning energy doing things that fuel you and not drain you.
    • Master your iPhone’s “Do Not Disturb” setting during core work hours and time span when you seek to focus.
    • Use the Google Chrome plug-in, FB Purity, to clean distractive posts from your newsfeed.
    • Measure time in pomodoros.
    • Use a project management app to help keep you on task.
      My recommendations: Basecamp, Asana, or Dapulse

Zim on teambuilding: “The key to keeping really great people is by being a really great person.”

  • Here are some teambuilding tips suggested by Zim:
    • Set 10 “culture values” for your company, and recruit by those, not just skills and “fit.”
    • Adopt an “everything is figure-out-able” group mentality.
    • Be a doer/executor. If that’s not you (aka if you’re like me, and you are great at ideas), recruit doers to balance the idea mavens, researchers, and strategists.
    • Use Slack for team communications to keep conversations out of your inbox.
    • Build a positive family and supportive tribe for your team members.
    • Take significant time off to keep your energy in balance for smart, productive work.