De Nichols Joins Author, Natalie Hopkinson, to Discuss the Art of Resistance

Join De Nichols and author, Natalie Hopkinson, on April 10 as they convene at Left Bank Books to discuss Hopkinson’s new book, A Mouth Is Always Muzzled: Six Dissidents, Five Continents, and the Art of Resistance. Hopkinson is a former culture critic for the Washington Post as well as a professor and scholar of Howard University. Her work work explores the arts as they intersect with public policy, cultural identity, and social issues of the world. In A Mouth Is Always Muzzled, she tells the stories of how art has been used as a tool of resistance across continents and different times of cultural trauma and complexity. Kirkus Reviews assesses A Mouth Is Always Muzzled as,

An illumination of the interplay of art, culture, politics, race, and history in Guyana, a Caribbean country mostly ignored by the rest of the world but which serves here as a fascinating microcosm for the power of art to inspire change.

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