De Nichols Joins Author, Natalie Hopkinson, to Discuss the Art of Resistance

De Nichols joined author, Natalie Hopkinson, April 10 at Left Bank Books to discuss Hopkinson’s new book, A Mouth Is Always Muzzled: Six Dissidents, Five Continents, and the Art of Resistance. Hopkinson is a former culture critic for the Washington Post as well as a professor and scholar of Howard University. Her work work explores the arts as they intersect with public policy, cultural identity, and social issues of the world. In A Mouth Is Always Muzzled, she tells the stories of how art has been used as a tool of resistance across continents and different times of cultural trauma and complexity. Kirkus Reviews assesses A Mouth Is Always Muzzled as,

An illumination of the interplay of art, culture, politics, race, and history in Guyana, a Caribbean country mostly ignored by the rest of the world but which serves here as a fascinating microcosm for the power of art to inspire change.

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