3 Ways to Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick

Happy new year! In this video, I show you three ways to set your 2018 new years resolutions and give tips that will help you follow through with them this year. Watch it on both YouTube and Facebook.

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Method 01: Make a Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling is the modern method to take notes, make lists, and log memories and reflections in a more creative and analog way. With templates and tutorials all across the internet, you can easily use it to visualize and articulate life plans or even track milestones as you make them happen.

Get started with bullet journaling.

More new year bullet journal templates:

Method 02: Use my worksheet as template to macro visioning.

To practice tiered approach to goal-setting that I share in the video, you can download a copy of my 2018 New Years Intentions worksheet to help you think through goals you have across different categories of your life. This sheet will also challenge you to list action steps, set deadlines and frequencies, and articulate a manifesto for making your goals happen.

Method 03: Hack Your Productivity App and Calendar

If you are a lover of project management apps like Basecamp, Trello, and others, you can also hack these tools to set achievable goals for the year as well as sync it to your calendar for added accountability. In this video, I show you how to do it using Asana and Google Calendar.

Other project management apps to try: