Sept 2016 Life Update: Big Adventures, Big Asks

It’s fall (my favorite season), and for me, that usually means lots of new adventures and endeavors. I wanted to write to friends and colleagues near and far to share some of these in hopes that we can connect and make some magic happen together these next few months.

Below you’ll see a few of the new travels, projects, and ambitions along with #BigAsks of you in supporting them. Check them out, and let me know if/how you can help.

I would also love to hear of the things you’re up to and the reflections you’re having, so be sure to write back and stay connected too.  

/// ADVENTURE 01: An EPIC road trip to Washington, DC.

On Sept 23, I will join two fellow members of The Mirror Casket team to travel to DC for the opening of the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture. As you may know, this artwork–which we designed and created in Sept 2014 during the unrest here in St. Louis and Ferguson, MO–was collected by the Smithsonian in November of 2015 for this new museum. Our trip will be joined by journalists who will help tell the story, and we will meet with activists/ARTivists in DC to speak on this work and build bridges for greater collective impact against racial and social injustice. LEARN MORE.

  1. Help fund the trip by contributing to the GoFundMe campaign for it.
  2. Join us during our meetup event in DC.
  3. Inform us of other events and opportunities to engage while there.
  4. Connect us with creators and changemakers in DC.
  5. Stay tuned for the stories. Follow hashtag #MirrorCasket.  

/// ADVENTURE 02: A #StickyNotetoSelf Book, Merch, and Story Series


It is true. I am penning a book.

This summer, I was granted a 6-month artist residency with Cambridge Innovation Center-St. Louis (with support by the Regional Arts Commission). With this opportunity, I get to do whatever I want with dedicated space to create, connect, and experiment. I decided to use it for the #StickyNotetoSelf project with the purpose of compiling hundreds of its sticky life lessons and stories into a book, YouTube series, AND roll-out of merchandise.

(No, I do not expect to finish within this time frame, but instead get the balls rolling.)

I’ll be documenting much of this process on Instagram Stories and my YouTube blog channel. The series will begin on my main channel every Sunday starting November 6.


  1. Connect me with publishers and authors you know. I seek to learn from as many people as possible throughout this process.
  2. Post your #stickynotetoself. I have received numerous notes and epiphanies from fans of this project to include in future endeavors. Share yours with the hashtag for a chance to have it included too.
  3. Support the project. Like, subscribe, and share it across its digital platforms to get others engaging in sticky inspiration.
    Like the Facebook page.
    Follow the Tumblr blog.
    Explore the Instagram hashtag.

More Adventures, Smaller Asks.

Here are some other cool things I’ll be up to over the next month.

Portland | October 7-9
Affect Conference
I’ll be speaking.

Washington, DC | October 13-15
Creative Time Summit: Occupy the Future
Just attending and learning.

New York | October 16-17
Queens College
Guest lecturing with Chloe Bass


  1. Help me connect with awesome people you know in Portland, DC, and New York.
  2. Suggest fun things to do in Portland.
  3. Share other things I should check out in NY & DC during the Oct 13-17 dates.