What's Coming Up

Join De Nichols for the 2018 DeTour

With all new collaborations across lots of new cities, De will engage in a three month adventure of talks, collaborations, and projects with creative catalysts all across the nation. See some dates below, and stay tuned as more are announced. If you would like for her to partner, facilitate, or speak with your convening, reach out.


99 Provocations: A Review with Harvard’s Graduate School of Design

Throughout the spring, urban planner Toni Griffin, has led students of Harvard’s Graduate School of Design to engage in developing design interventions to social issues in St. Louis through her course, “Urban Disobedience: 99 Provocations to Disrupt Injustice in St. Louis.” For their final review, De Nichols will follow up a previous lecture to the class by serving as a voice during the critique of their short film and book draft of the project.

Join the Boston Meetup with De Nichols on May 2.

Come have drinks with me and other Boston-based changemakers as we take over Grafton Pub & Grill during my visit to Cambridge.
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Fight 4 a Future Summit

Generation Progress, the youth engagement arm of the Center for
American Progress, is a national organization working with and for
young people to promote progressive solutions to key political and
social challenges.

Join De Nichols for a Baltimore Meetup on May 3.
Come have drinks with me during my visit to Baltimore for the #Fight4aFutureSummit by Generation Progress. I arrive a day early and will have a free evening on May 3. Let’s connect.

As a capstone to her experience with Generation Progress, De will join activists in Washington, DC, to speak to leaders about gun policy and share stories of lives affected by this crucial crisis.

The Rocket Grants program aims to fuel the energy of the Kansas City regional visual arts community by encouraging and supporting innovative, under-the-radar and public-facing work in non-traditional spaces. Each year around ten projects are selected to receive up to $6,000, including eight Full Project Awards, and two Research & Development Awards.

For its 2018 cycle, De Nichols serves as a juror and will deliver a specialized workshop to Rocket Grants recipients to help them understand the power of “common cultural denominators” in their community-driven creative practices.

Join De for fun times at her family’s home as they celebrate friends and community in Memphis, TN.

APRIL (Completed)

A Mouth Is Always Muzzled: A Conversation on Art & Resistance

Future States of America: National Arts Summit at John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

The Kennedy Center Arts Summit is an annual spring convening designed to bring thought leaders from the arts and related fields together for conversation and connection. This year’s Summit will look into the future — what is the collective future we want and how can we use arts, creativity, culture, and technology to get us there? How do we build a future where the markers of certain identities are no longer indicators of barriers or poor outcomes? Through the landscapes of education, health, and finite resources, we will explore stories of existing, visionary projects and engage in dialogues with artists, futurists, scientists, engineers, and policy makers that help us catalyze new projects and partnerships, and bring us closer to activating a future where we all thrive.

During this experience, De delivered a guest lecture on “Power, Social Politics, & Design” for the Designing Creativity freshman seminar at Washington University in St. Louis.

#STL2039 Launch Power Panel: Moderated by De Nichols ft. Brittany Packnett, Alison Ferring, Michelle Higgins, and Ryan Rippel

What does a St. Louis that has achieved Racial Equity look, feel, and sound like?

Join Forward Through Ferguson and community partners as we launch our three Action Strategies to achieve a racially equitable St. Louis.

Three Action Strategies. Three Years. Towards #STL2039.

The launch event will include interactive experiences, storytelling, speakers, a presentation on the Action Strategies, and ways to engage. Included with your ticket are hors d’oeuvres and open bar. Tickets can be purchased at http://bit.ly/2039launch.

We believe that a racially equitable St. Louis is possible, where a person’s life outcomes cannot be predicted by their race.

Dwell in Other Futures

Dwell in Other Futures is a two-day festival of art and ideas that explores the collisions of race, urbanism and futurism, providing a platform for alternate visions for the St. Louis to come.

Anchored by the legendary science fiction author Samuel R. Delany, the festival will feature performances, presentations, screenings, and installations by an exciting line-up of participants—artists, architects, poets, and scholars working both locally and nationally.


For 20 years, Influencing Social Policy (ISP) has supported social work faculty in their efforts to educate and mobilize students to engage in the policy process. During this conference, De will contribute to a panel conversation entitled “Social Media.Social Action.Social Policy,” to share skills and tools for using social media in policy advocacy.

Learn more at http://influencingsocialpolicy.org/conference/

De will lead a 3-day series of workshops with the first U.S. cohort of RedBull Amaphiko fellows.

This workshop will equip Red Bull Amaphiko participants with the tools and strategies to help them more authentically strengthen the narratives of their social enterprises and share them across social media platforms. Through this experience, they will learn revenue-generating digital storytelling methods that help capture the stories of their work, deepen connections and relationships with audiences, and mobilize growth for their businesses. They will then design and create a content development strategy to implement into their team operations. Key components of this workshop include:

Understanding & Crafting Your Organization’s Narrative
Using their organizational mission as a start, participants will begin by identifying narrative concepts that help internal and external audiences better understand 1) the problem each organization is solving 2) the purpose and impact of their organizational efforts, and 3) the calls-to-action their want their audiences to perform. They will then craft 2-3 stories that can be integrated across

Building Relationships and Growing Authentic Audiences across Platforms
Participants will assess the state of their reach and engagement across major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube) and create an integrated content strategy for stories, campaigns, and/or series for their most active platforms. They will learn creative methods for deepening their engagement with audiences in addition to selected growth strategies that prove effective for startup teams.

Earning Revenue through Digital Storytelling
Participants will learn ways of using digital storytelling as a revenue stream for their social enterprises. With emphasis on YouTube, Mailchimp, and Facebook/Instagram integrations, they will learn concrete methods that they can immediately activate on their platforms to generate passive and on-going revenue. Participants will use a Value Proposition Canvas to determine an appropriate revenue model based upon their chosen social media outlet of interest.

Watch De and other St. Louis digital influencers as they film their first group trip from St. Louis to Los Angeles, CA.

As a process for problem-solving, design thinking champions methodologies used by designers to help explore and unearth possibilities, ideas, and approaches to confront complex issues and topics.

During this skills-building workshop, social practice designer, De Nichols, will teach concrete processes and strategies that will help participants learn how to use design thinking to resolve internal organization challenges as well as catalyze new ways to engage with external stakeholders and community members in their work. Beyond learning the process, participants will also use provide templates and tools to practice learned skills in a group simulation with the aim to co-create applicable ideas that relate to a topic facing the theater community.

On June 14-17, Americans for the Arts and our members are heading to Denver, CO for the 2018 Annual Convention!

Over 3 keynotes, 3 Preconferences, and more than 35 sessions, the 2018 Annual Convention will explore the role of the arts in creating and sustaining healthy, vibrant, and equitable communities.
Sessions will revolve around five core themes:

Culture and Community: How do we expand the power of our work to strengthen all communities and transform culture?
Equity and Engagement: How can we revise our policies and practices to be truly equitable and engage the full breadth of our communities?
Investment (Including and Beyond Grantmaking): What tools, models, and strategies do grant makers need to make distribution of funds more equitable, the likelihood of success higher, and the systems that need changing more visible?
Cross-Sector and Community Partnership: How do we create and grow successful cross-sector and community partnerships?
Communicating Our Value: How can we more effectively communicate through marketing, advocacy, and public will-building and policy, the value of the arts?