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3 Ways to Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick

Happy new year! In this video, I show you three ways to set your 2018 new years resolutions and give tips that will help you follow through with them this year. Watch it on both YouTube and Facebook.

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Some of the great insights I was able to capture at Blavity’s EmpowerHer conference. Inspired by all the women who shared time and space while there.

Some highlights:
Fireside chat with Zim (TravelNoire)
Zim on time management: “Distractions are the enemies of progress.”

Here are some shared tips on how to live a

Lessons in Loss | Sticky Note to Self

Sometimes the worst moments can teach you the most.

Reflecting on lessons learned from break ups, life transitions, and more.

See all the notes from the #StickyNotetoSelf Lessons in Loss series at http://stickynotetoself.com/lessonsinloss

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Check out the Sticky Note to Self project at http://stickynotetoself.com
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DE/tour Mailer 01

Did you know that I’m on a “tour” right now? 

Me neither, but I’ve entered a deep wave of public speaking and travel that lasts now through July, and one of my mentors, Roseann Weiss, proclaimed it as the “The DE(TOUR)” (get it?). She’s pretty wise, so I ran with it.

On this