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Design Observer “Creative Will: What It Takes to Shift Creative Organizations and Industries toward Greater Racial Equity”

As a new political administration and cultural climate continues to unfold in the United States, there will be demand and need for more industries and populations of people to rise up for the protection and sustainability of justice, unity, and humanity across the nation and world. Industries of creative practice are presented with a crucial set of roles and opportunities in which to contribute, design, and actualize systems, tools, cultural norms, and services that will benefit the collective mass of citizens moving forward.

To Zim, with Vision

I received an email blast today from Zim Ugochukwu, CEO of Travel Noire, via her regular mailer of stories and life inspiration from her journeys as an entrepreneur. Typically, when I receive these emails, I smile, accept the inspiration it provides, and proceed forward to the next of dozens of emails in my

Joining the Forward through Ferguson Board of Directors

Press Release by Forward through Ferguson

Forward Through Ferguson Expands Board

A year after the Ferguson Commission released its findings, a non-profit organization drives progress toward Racial Equity in metropolitan St. Louis.

St. Louis—Seven St. Louis area residents dedicated to the cause of bringing Racial Equity to the region have been added to the founding

  • July 27, 2016
  • Past

Jul 26: AIGA Town Hall on Racial Justice

The U.S. design community is starting a cross-chapter dialogue on racial justice and design. I’m honored to be a part of this conversation, activating creative minds to solve complex problems alongside. This session will be moderated by Ashleigh Axios and feature me alongside Kate Deciccio
(Street Painter, Mural Artist, Art Educator)

My Podcast Interview with Revision Path

Through my friends at Affect Conf (at which I’ll be speaking in October 2016), I got a chance to connect with Maurice Cherry of Revision Path podcast and talk about navigating the design world as a person of color.
Revision Path is an award-winning weekly interview podcast that focuses on showcasing some

Oct 7/8 | Affect Conf | Portland, OR

Join me and other creative changemakers in Portland, OR, for Affect Conf October 7-8. Affect Conf is a new 2-day event that’s part conference and part volunteering and highlights the work, culture, and design behind social change. Talks will include presentations and lectures from activists and social impact designers like me to writers like Kai Cheng Thom (from Everyday Feminism), coders, artists, podcasters, and more. 

A “#DeTeam?” Uhm, Not Quite.

Since late 2012, I’ve had people sporadically ask me if I had a “fan club,” or if they could start one for me. There’ve been cute hashtags (like #IKnowDe #UKnowDe from my grad school friends–shouts to Ash, Juliana, and Annie), and there’ve been a wealth of folks emailing for life