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A “#DeTeam?” Uhm, Not Quite.

Since late 2012, I’ve had people sporadically ask me if I had a “fan club,” or if they could start one for me. There’ve been cute hashtags (like #IKnowDe #UKnowDe from my grad school friends–shouts to Ash, Juliana, and Annie), and there’ve been a wealth of folks emailing for life

28th Birthday Vlogs

On June 1, 2016, I celebrated by 28th birthday with a multi-day celebration with friends and loved ones. Below are vlogs from some of the experiences, including a birthday candy buffet at work, lunch and dinner outings with coworkers and friends, and a birthday party potluck on the riverfront.
Watch the two

Commencement Speech to the Creative Class of 2016: “Do What Makes You Come Alive”

On May 19, I gave my first commencement address to art and design students graduating from my alma mater, Washington University in St. Louis. In engaging this opportunity, I was asked to speak from the perspective of a young alum and share inspiration for how to live a radically and consciously creative post-graduate life.

In reflecting on this task, I tapped back into my 22 year old self and asked: what would I have wanted to know? What would have made my journey easier? What were the biggest challenges in transitioning from a life-long role as a “student” to becoming a creative adult? How did I learn how to live a life with meaning?

With many tears wiped aside, I shared the following:

Ode to the Misfits – Visionary Awards Thank You Speech

On April 25, I was one of the recipients of the St. Louis Visionary Awards, which exists to “celebrate the numerous contributions and achievements of women who work in or support the arts in St. Louis. From established working arts professionals and arts educators to emerging artists and community impact artists, each year’s honorees are truly ‘visionary’.”

For the 2016 Visionary Awards, I was nominated and received the Community Impact Artist award, which recognized contributions I’d made during the past year(s) as a social practice and community artist.

“What is the hardest thing about your life?"


Apr 25: St. Louis Visionary Awards

On April 25, I will join five other women to earn a St. Louis Visionary Award. This honor celebrates and recognizes contributions and achievements of women who work in or support the arts. Stay tuned on my Youtube vlog channel for reflections and behind-the-scenes moments leading up to this occasion. I

Vlog: Gallery Hopping

One of the things I love to do most in St. Louis is check out art shows, openings, and galleries. In this vlog, I visit Museum Blue, Tuan’s exhibit at Millitzer Gallery, Bruno David, and the Luminary. I also included clips from earlier in the week where I hung out

I Finally Saw It: Black-ish’s Hope

I finally saw the black-ish​ episode about police brutality. I held my composure until the episode’s namesake scene about “hope.” As I watched, I remembered that same unspoken knot in my throat at seeing Obama walk in openness down the street when he won the election, relieved in surprise that his fate

In My Blackness: A YouTube Series

For 2016, I’ve decided to create a new YouTube channel that will feature original content, stories, and think pieces about identity, life, and creativity. This main channel will complement my current vlog channel which chronicles different journeys and adventures and behind-the-scenes of my life.

To kick off this channel, I started

Press: Black and White Gingham

The team over at Black & White Gingham joined me at my loft to chat about my journey to St. Louis and my life as a creative changemaker, public speaker, and social entrepreneur.

Check out the article.