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Top 15 Lessons from 2015

150+ Lessons of 2015

Fighting for justice is not a choice. This is not
They are still killing us. In 2015, police killed ### people of color and ## unarmed individuals. We have seen the murderers of many of the highest profiled deaths—Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, and more—not receive punish
Our ancesters would

My Top 15 Moments of 2015

Exhibiting the Mirror Casket, yielding its purchase for collection into the Smithsonian.
Closing the Points of Light National Conference for Volunteering and Service as a #FutureForward speaker.
Engaging 4000+ youth this year through my efforts at the Contemporary Art Museum.
Co-organizing the United Story Summit on Race & Social Justice in St. Louis.
Starting the #StickyNotetoSelf project.

My Top 7: Holiday Albums

It’s the holiday season, and everywhere we turn, we hear holiday songs and Christmas cheer. Personally, I love it, and there are a few songs and albums that always help me transition into the spirit. Here are my top 7 favorite holiday albums:
7. A Motown Christmas

The Motown Christmas album is


This year, as a new YouTuber, I’ve taken up the annual Vlogmas challenge, which gets more people sharing their lives and stories together in the spirit of the holiday season. Each day, December 1-25, I will post a daily video journal to my YouTube channel, sharing lessons, adventures, creations, and