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Oct 8-10: AIGA Design Conference Panel

Event Description via AIGA:
Provocative speakers, nightly parties, facetime with your design heroes… and all the beignets you can eat. The AIGA Design Conference—moderated by 99% Invisible creator, Roman Mars—is the place to learn, get inspired, and celebrate design with your friends and colleagues.

Image via AIGA

Aug 7-Sep 5: IMPTXDESIGN.14/15 Exhibition

Starting August 7, I will have have work and events featured in the IMPTXDESIGN.14/15 exhibition, curated by the Creative Reaction Lab. My featured projects included:

Faces of the Movement, with Charles Wade and Attilio D’Agostino
United Story: Ferguson Beyond Today, with Sophie Lipman, Mike Pagano, and Cambrie Nelson
Connected for Justice

The teams with United

Press: St. Louis Public Radio (August 2014)

For the 1 year marker since the shooting death of Michael Brown erupted into a national movement against police brutality, St. Louis Public Radio spoke to artists who activated themselves and communities to learn how the local arts scene had been influenced by the social resistance. I was selected as


The #StickyNotetoSelf project is a semi-daily micro-blog and creative photo project that I started as a way to remind myself of life lessons, inspirations, and frustrations that each day may bring. Using Instagram as the primary platform for the project, #StickyNotetoSelf interweaves through images of my daily life that serve

StartingBloc: Thoughts from an Alum

Often in my journey, I am asked my opinion on different experiences, affiliations, and networks that other young changemakers are pursuing. Recently, I was asked about my opinion on StartingBloc, an innovation fellowship that gathers “entrepreneurs, activists, educators, and  innovators working to create change” and connects them to “tribe” to help them access

Re: Project Management Tools

I really love it when friends, colleagues, and others in my life ask me about productivity and management tools that I use for projects, ventures, and ideas I engage. One of my great social changemaking friends sent  the following request to a group of which we are both members:

Hey team!

Filing Taxes & Overcoming Trauma from 2014

I finally finished filing my taxes. It’s taken 11 hours over the span of 4 Sunday afternoons.

Filing my stolen car ($6K wreck value), $4K in hospital/medical expenses, $#K in Ferguson-related donations, and more made me reflect on this past year, especially the second half of it. June-Dec of 2014 brought me a