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Design Observer “Creative Will: What It Takes to Shift Creative Organizations and Industries toward Greater Racial Equity”

As a new political administration and cultural climate continues to unfold in the United States, there will be demand and need for more industries and populations of people to rise up for the protection and sustainability of justice, unity, and humanity across the nation and world. Industries of creative practice are presented with a crucial set of roles and opportunities in which to contribute, design, and actualize systems, tools, cultural norms, and services that will benefit the collective mass of citizens moving forward.

St. Louis Public Radio Features De Nichols as One of St. Louis’ Art Game-Changers
In a recent interview and story by St. Louis Public Radio—a National Public Radio (NPR) station in St. Louis, Missouri—De Nichols, Founder of Catalysts by Design (CXD), was featured to speak about the works and ways she

Video Recap: United Story Interaction at #PXSTL 
On June 21st, Catalysts by Design hosted United Story: Interaction at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation’s PXSTL Pavilion. Over 80 individuals engaged with a series of stations aimed at increasing our interaction as citizens of St. Louis.
Participants had the option of exploring story-telling with Second Tuesday’s, performance art with Mallory

United Story: Interaction at #PXSTL
Saturday, June 21, 2014 Pulitzer Arts Foundation (PXSTL Lot)1:00-4:00pm
UnitedStory.org | Facebook | RSVP (Free Admission)Every encounter creates a new story. 
Gather at the PXSTL pavilion in Grand Center for this afternoon of interactive storytelling. Created in association with the summer PXSTL series at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, United Story: Interaction

Creative Collaboration: PopUp Art with Damon Davis 
This video shares a recent popup art project that I worked on with local graphic artist, Damon Davis, on behalf of the CAM ArtBus. 
Using found and minimal materials, we constructed a daytime observatory that allowed participants to experience nighttime in the day. The Daytime

Free Write: What/Who Determines Success

This free write was included as part of a journal entry for the Community Art and Social Practice (CASP) course at the Brown School of Social Work of Washington University in St. Louis. See more CASP journals and reflections. 
I don’t think anyone knows what determines “success”
At least not in its

Watch De Nichols on HuffPost Live
As a participant and student speaker at the Clinton Global Initiative University, De Nichols received the opportunity to share her experience at CGIU with Huffington Post Live on March 26, 2014. Set up in a Google Hangout format, she joined three fellow young leaders from

FoodSpark 02 | Food Therapy
FoodSpark is a series of monthly potluck-style dinner parties that serve as a chance to meet, make friends, and share social ideas on the topics that are selected each dinner.
March 31, 2014Hosted by Lindy DrewTheme: Food Therapy 
This month’s theme is inspired by Victoria Ci. During the first potluck,