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De Nichols Joins Board of Directors of Brazen St. Louis

St. Louis, MO –The Brazen St. Louis Board of Directors today announced the election of five new members: Sarah Arnosky, Jamey Edgerton, Jackie Kirouac-Fram, De Nichols and Kendall Norris. These new members join a board of accomplished community leaders dedicated to Brazen St. Louis’ mission of helping women entrepreneurs grow their businesses in order to create economic prosperity.

I Still Want It.

Even with doing well in life, sometimes we have to refocus. I used to watch this video (and others like it) every Sunday a few years ago when I was at my lowest, my brokest, my worst. And in those times, I made a commitment to never allow myself to

#GutCheck 01: Simplicity.

As an entrepreneur, I have been fortunate to learn and engage with many ideas and various idea-makers. And one thing that I continue to learn and recognize is that the most simple and lean ideas are the ones that build the greatest momentum (while often also achieving

Be All In
By deandreanichols
Team development is a key component to entrepreneurship. When forming your venture idea, securing resources and investors, piloting and executing ideas, and planning the company strategy, a solid team goes a long way in the success of these pursuits.
One criteria for anyone who joins your startup team