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Powerful video by Great Caesar that visualizes the struggle that far too many people face in order to love without the hatred of others. Whether interracial, interfaith, homosexual, or beyond, no one should have to gain the approval of the world and society to experience love. This is a very

This are Bees & Bombs’ hypnotizing gifs. The real names of this creative duo are Dave and Brian, hit their tumblr to check more awesome gifs.
lil bees & bombs compilation from Unknown Editors. would have been nice to include a link to our blog guys >:)


JR Pays Tribute to the Civil Rights Movement
Street artist, JR – known for his trademark B&W portraits that flank inner city communities – marked the 50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Activist, Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech by using real archived photographs from the Civil Rights Movement to

Disrupting the Pink Aisle
The video above is an ad by toy creators, Goldie Box, that is pushing to put more engineering toys for girls into the toy aisles of stores. Overwhelmed by a wealth of pink, dolls, and cooking toys, the girl aisle limits the potential of girls to engage

Intermission: Meet Tommy Carroll, Blind Skateboarder- Pete(r) Karinen wrote in Living, Video and Skateboarding

“I think everybody should know that everything happens for a reason, and that there is always a way to overcome an obstacle if you really want it enough.”
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Life Friendship is Like a Puzzle
Friendship is a complexly defined word and even more complex type of relationship. But it is one of the most critically reflective elements to our identity as humans. 
A lot of circumstances in my recent life have led me to reflect upon this word lately. From deciding