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I Still Want It.

Even with doing well in life, sometimes we have to refocus. I used to watch this video (and others like it) every Sunday a few years ago when I was at my lowest, my brokest, my worst. And in those times, I made a commitment to never allow myself to

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“#managment #leadership #socent I used to brag about how little I read (books), but there is so much insight and strategy locked within pages of resources like Leap of Reason that it is essential to consume it and apply it.”

St. Louis Public Radio Features De Nichols as One of St. Louis’ Art Game-Changers
In a recent interview and story by St. Louis Public Radio—a National Public Radio (NPR) station in St. Louis, Missouri—De Nichols, Founder of Catalysts by Design (CXD), was featured to speak about the works and ways she

CIVICX in Atlanta and Keynoting in Memphis
In late June, I traveled to Memphis to keynote a youth conference and then headed to Atlanta for the final week and DemoNight of the Points of Light Civic Accelerator. This video captures a bit of the journey. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Video Recap: United Story Interaction at #PXSTL 
On June 21st, Catalysts by Design hosted United Story: Interaction at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation’s PXSTL Pavilion. Over 80 individuals engaged with a series of stations aimed at increasing our interaction as citizens of St. Louis.
Participants had the option of exploring story-telling with Second Tuesday’s, performance art with Mallory

Gratitude & A Big Announcement
Some great doors and opportunities have been opening for my team, Catalysts by Design, and I wanted to share this quick video to share one update and a lot of thanks.
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Vlog: Workshops and Cherry Blossoms
One of my business partners, Cambrie Nelson, visited Washington, DC, to present at the 2014 MONUMENTAL Service-Learning Conference. We also happened to arrive in the midst of cherry blossom season. 
Watch on YouTube(Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Vlog: Spring Break in New Orleans
For what is (hopefully) my last spring break, I joined my family on a roadtrip to New Orleans, LA. We explored the French Quarters, engaged in St. Patrick’s Day festivities, toured the Mississippi River on the Natchez Steamboat, and more. 
Watch on YouTube(Source: https://www.youtube.com/)