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Re: Project Management Tools

I really love it when friends, colleagues, and others in my life ask me about productivity and management tools that I use for projects, ventures, and ideas I engage. One of my great social changemaking friends sent  the following request to a group of which we are both members:

Hey team!

6 Things You Need to Stop Doing Every Day
by Marc Chernoff, Co-Founder, MarcAndAngel.com 
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The Power of Momentum

There is much fulfillment that accompanies the achievement of goals—whether it’s as simple as getting to work on time, taking a vacation, or starting the business of your dreams. Some call it “scratching off the bucket list,” while others—like me—call it “growing toward your truest you.” 
Yet, often times,

“It’s Time to Be Fearless.”

by Jean Case of The Case Foundation via Stanford Social Innovation Review

1. Make Big Bets—and Make History

Set audacious, not incremental, goals. History suggests that the most significant cultural transformations occur when one or more people simply decide to try and make big change. Thomas Edison didn’t simply try to make